Fundraising Policy

  1. Supporters are giving to Family First New Zealand – not Bob McCoskrie or any other staff member. In the event that Family First New Zealand is wound up, the Trust Deed states that all assets must be transferred to another charitable organisation operating in New Zealand. 
  1. The work of Family First New Zealand will be limited or enabled by the level of donations and grants. We will not put ourselves into the position of having a long term debt. 
  1. We will receipt all donations, and keep adequate records of all donations made – suitable for auditing purposes. All cash donations will be banked immediately. 
  1. We acknowledge that supporters who have donated to Family First New Zealand have made a sacrifice to make their gift possible. We totally commit to being good stewards of these donations, and if the gift is for a specific purpose, we commit to spending it on that purpose alone. 
  1. We will attempt to pay debts within 30 days (earlier if possible) unless an arrangement has been made with the creditor. 
  1. We will not deliberately try to raise more money than we need. 
  1. We will prepare accounts that meet the requirements of generally accepted auditing standards in New Zealand and we will also meet all the legal requirements of the Charities Services. 
  1. Our audited accounts will be made available to any supporters upon request.