Why women are better at shopping than men

UK Telegraph 22 August 2007
Men who hate supermarket shopping now have the ultimate excuse to leave it to their mothers, wives or girlfriends. Today, a scientific study says that over many thousands of years evolution has designed women to excel when it comes to hunting down the most fulfilling food.According to the study by a team in California, women are just as good as men at navigating, but they only call on their mental maps when there is food to be found — and the more calories in a food, the more accurate they are at locating it. The team at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Yale University, was following up years of earlier research which shows that men excel at spatial problems, such as map reading. This probably has its origins in the African savannah, when men were hunting down highly mobile prey. But in these ancient hunter-gatherer societies, women collected plants and this begged a key question, said the team: Shouldn’t women more accurately remember the location of plant foods than men?