Pregnant woman sells her body

Sunday News 06/12/2009

A young mother, eight months pregnant with her second child, is selling her body and the unborn baby’s dad is acting as her pimp. He also often joins in on the money-for-sex sessions. Child welfare advocates are shocked by Sunday News’ discovery and are demanding authorities investigate the couple, who have been offering their joint services for the past fortnight.

“That’s an absolutely horrific and shocking story. As a child advocate, I would say, ‘What on earth does that mean for that baby’?’ families commissioner Christine Rankin said. “For that baby, I just despair because what kind of world is it being brought into in terms of its parents?,” said Rankin. “That’s what’s wrong with us (New Zealanders), we think anyone’s allowed to do anything they like in terms of their children. Well, they’re not and I’m sure CYF will be very interested in this case and surely have huge concerns for the baby.” CYF can apply for custody of the couple’s unborn child through the Family Court if they believe it’s at risk. “This isn’t about judging this woman. It’s about making sure her children are loved and protected,” CYF chief executive John Harvey told Sunday News. Children’s Commissioner Dr John Angus said without knowing the couple he “cannot comment on the situation”.