Labour’s Bullsh*t Sign Offensive to Families

labour bullshitMedia Release 21 Mar 2011
Family First NZ is calling on the Labour party to clean up their advertising act after they unveiled their latest election hoarding. The sign says “Privatisation is not a dirty word.

“The Labour party needs to understand that large public billboards are seen by all members of the public, including young children,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Asterisks don’t hide the words and intention of the billboard and parents will either be telling their kids to look the other way or explaining that only politicians talk like that!”

“If Labour wants to be supported by families, they need to get their message across in a way that doesn’t offend them.”

“We hope that this first billboard in the election campaign hasn’t set a precedent for the tone of future billboard advertising,” says Mr McCoskrie.