Children raised in meth labs

NZ Herald 2 June 2013
Police have found children living in a P lab with drugs and two loaded rifles inside the house – yet Child Youth and Family had “no care and protection concerns” for the youngsters.

The lab was one of nearly 800 police raided from 2006-2010. In total police found 384 kids in 199 labs. But convictions for neglect or abuse of the children were obtained for only 19 labs.

Police photos show drug gear stored in children’s lunch boxes, kids’ fizzy drink bottles and in a suitcase under a 12-year-old’s bed.

CYF will not say what has happened to the children, rescued between 2006 and 2010, but some were returned to the care of bailed P cooks.

Lawyer Chloe Barker, who uncovered the cases, said new targeted child welfare laws were needed.