Mother who hit boy with belt let off

ONE News 3 July 2013
A South Canterbury mother who hit her 10-year-old son with a belt has been spared a conviction. The 37-year-old, who was given permanent name suppression in the Timaru District Court yesterday, was found guilty in April of assaulting a child with a weapon. The court heard she hit the boy twice with a fabric belt. She had tried to get him out of bed at 7.30am. He argued and said he did not want to get out of bed, would not get dressed and said he was not going to school. She argued with him for an hour and told him she was about to lose control. About 8.45am she told him she was taking his computer off him and went to remove a computer game. She grabbed a fabric belt and, holding the buckle end, hit him twice around the legs, which left a one-centimetre mark. She took him to school and returned home and cried before going to work. A social worker became aware of the incident, the son reluctantly confirmed the story and police spoke to the mother.

She said the child had been difficult, but had now improved. She discharged the woman without conviction.