Alcohol industry lags on mandatory pregnancy warning labels

 Herald Sun 26 Sept 2013 
ALCOHOL companies are flouting government guidelines to warn mothers of the dangers of drinking while pregnant.

Only 37 per cent of alcohol bottles carry warnings about safe consumption and drinking during pregnancy — almost two years after state and federal governments told the industry to apply them.

An audit by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education has found only 31 per cent of wine bottles and 35 per cent of beer products carry the labels that warn about safe alcohol consumption levels.

State and federal health ministers have given the industry until the end of this year to voluntarily implement the labels.

Spirit and mixed drinks products were the best at complying with the voluntary warning labels with 43 per cent of products using them.

The survey of 251 products by IPSOS social research did find an improvement in labelling, as only 16 per cent of products carried the labels in 2012.