Council candidate outs brothel visitors 23 Sept 2013
A Christchurch City Council candidate who threatened to publicise vehicle registration numbers of people using a Phillipstown brothel has done exactly that.

Hagley-Ferrymead ward hopeful Wayne Hawker posted on his Facebook page the plate numbers of 10 cars he spotted visiting an England St brothel during a stake-out over three nights last week.

A prominent civil rights lawyer said this type of “moral crusade” was arguably a breach of privacy rights, but Hawker said if the car owners wanted to pursue legal action they “can bring it on”.

Hawker, an England St resident, said the brothel started operating about six weeks ago. Last week, he said he was considering posting registrations numbers online in a bid to shut it down.

Hawker sat in his car across the road from the property between Thursday and Saturday nights and wrote down the licence plates of cars that pulled up.

Council bylaws restrict commercial brothel locations and England St is outside the permitted area. However, small owner-operated brothels in residential areas are allowed.