Former judge fights brothels in suburbs 30 October 2013
Rule changes that would allow brothels in residential areas of the Kapiti Coast have sparked criticism from a former chief Environment Court judge.

Joan Allin, who lives in Te Horo, has objected to the council’s proposed district plan, saying: “We have nothing against prostitutes or people who use them, but are firmly in the Nimby [not in my backyard] camp.

“Prostitution and related massage activities are a commercial activity and should be treated as such – not a permitted or controlled activity in residential zones,” she says in draft evidence to a hearing on the proposed plan.

Letterboxes were on only one side of her street, and she often had people coming to her door looking for someone else, she said.

“I do not actually want a guy coming to our door looking for a hooker.

“Poor guy would probably have a heart attack or, more likely, run screaming from the property,” she said.