Broadcasters Slammed For Feeding RoastBusters

Media Release 25 November 2013
Family First NZ says that the RoastBusters scenario and attitudes are being fed by morally bankrupt tv channels and a Standards watchdog asleep at the wheel. The comments come as a result of a decision by the BSA regarding a movie screened on TV3 in August.

“While TV3 were quick to broadcast and rightly condemn the actions of the RoastBusters, they had no issue with showing an R16 movie in the 8.30pm slot which promoted rape and misogyny. This is called selective morality, and shows their hypocrisy,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“TVWorks tried to defend themselves by saying that they warned people, and that there was a ‘very high degree of audience expectation for the type of material presented’.”

In the movie Predators, a science fiction film about a group of humans hunted by aliens, the plot features a convicted murderer who says

“Yo man, if we ever make it home, I’m gonna do so much f**kin cocaine. I’m gonna rape so many fine b**ches, no matter what time is it [sic], 5 o’clock. Damn, I’m gonna rape me some fine b**ches. You know what I’m saying…….

“The BSA has rejected the complaint and in doing so has declared war on attempts to rid our country of the attitudes which result in the RoastBuster-type actions. Part of the BSA’s justification, similar to TVWorks, was that it was part of the audience expectation and was preceded by a warning.”

“It is time we pointed the finger at the media’s role in promoting the attitudes which are destructive to our families.”

“For too long, the media have had an unrestrained licence to broadcast material which has pushed the boundaries of decency and community standards,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This decision proves that the media industry is not being held accountable to the same standard as families want them to be.”