Is screaming the new spanking?

Daily News Transcript 21st March 2013
Parenting skills change over time. While corporal punishment was once tolerable to many, these days most parents wouldn’t dream of hitting their children. Instead, they may raise their voices in anger. But is screaming the new spanking?

“There is an old adage that goes as follows: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ I’m not sure that is so true,” said Dr. William J. Hansen, a licensed clinical psychologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “Words can hurt. They can and often do sting. It hurts when your friend or your boss yells at you, but your mother? Your father?

“A question I would propose for all parents is, ‘How does it feel to you when you yell at your child or children?’ Most would likely say it makes us feel ineffective and inadequate as a parent. So, if it is unhealthy for the yeller, I believe that it is equally unhealthy for the recipient: our children,” said the specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy with children, adolescents and families.