NZ ‘not doing enough’ to stop poverty, violence

OneNews 12 February 2014
The Government isn’t doing enough to combat the issues of child poverty and domestic violence the Salvation Army says, following its state of the nation report.

The report showed children continue to be violently and sexually assaulted at alarming rates, with a 68% increase in reported cases in the last five years.

Child poverty and abuse are two of the key problem areas identified in the report, which is designed to provide a broad snapshot of New Zealand’s social progress over the past five years.

“These two areas are just sticking, they’re not changing and they really do need to change,” the Salvation Army’s Major Campbell Roberts says.

Meanwhile, Family First says the report is proof the controversial anti-smacking law has failed.

National director Bob McCoskrie says the law has “wasted valuable time and resource of agencies distracted from dealing with actual child abuse and dysfunctional parents”.

Child abuse rates are a “national disgrace” and can no longer be tip-toed around, he says.