$60k award after baby wrongly seized

Stuff co.nz 9 March 2014
A judge has awarded $60,000 to the parents of a baby girl wrongly seized by welfare authorities.

The young couple, from Dunedin, have told the Sunday Star-Times of their harrowing two-year battle to regain custody of the girl, who was taken by Child, Youth and Family at just 14 weeks because the agency wrongly suspected she’d been abused.

In fact, the baby’s multiple fractures were the result of rickets, caused by a lack of Vitamin D.

The pair were forced to go to court to prove they hadn’t abused the baby.

The couple, who cannot be named because of Family Court suppressions,  took their daughter to a doctor in 2011 after she began “vomiting and twitching”.

The doctor suspected a bowel obstruction and arranged for the baby to be admitted to hospital. An MRI in hospital revealed the baby had a fractured skull, ribs and limbs.