Remembering Reimer: Boys shouldn’t be raised as girls

LifeSiteNews 7 May 2014
Ten years ago David Reimer, 38, parked his truck at a local shopping center, put a sawed-off shotgun to his head, and pulled the trigger. His tragic death emphasized the total failure of one of the most famous gender alteration cases in modern medicine.

David Reimer was originally named Bruce after he was born a boy along with his identical twin brother Brian in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1965.

A botched circumcision at about eight months burned off the boy’s penis, leaving his young parents bewildered about how they should raise their son. Parents thought they had found an answer when they learned through a television program about Dr. John Money of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, a psychologist renowned for his theories about gender.

Money believed identifying as male or female was a learned trait, but wanted to prove his theory with an ideal test subject. Identical twin boys with one of them raised as a girl was exactly what he was looking for.

Reimer’s parents contacted Money who successfully advised them to raise Bruce as a girl and change his name to “Brenda.” The parents clothed “Brenda” in dresses, gave him dolls to play with, and treated him as a girl. He was given female hormone injections, which later made him develop breasts.