Liquor store verdict blow to school

NZ Herald 26 September 2014
A South Auckland community’s failure to stop a liquor store opening opposite a decile 1 school normalises the sale of alcopops to young people, says principal Robin Staples.

The Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board has lost an appeal to grant an off-licence to Wickman Way Price Cutter for a liquor store opposite Southern Cross Campus in Mangere.

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority upheld a decision by a District Licensing Committee to grant an off-licence, saying the board’s case did not show the authority’s decision was wrong.

Mr Staples, of Southern Cross Campus, which caters for about 2000 pupils from Years 1 to 13, said the liquor store was a way of getting sweet, sugary alcohol into young people at an earlier age.

“What is really annoying personally to me is the fact that the community has been overridden … a legal process says we know what is best for you and here it is,” he said.