Strip club’s World Cup ambush marketing

NZ Herald 2 March 2015
A strip club has received a slap on the wrist for an ambush marketing stunt during Saturday’s epic Cricket World Cup clash in Auckland.

Calendar Girls advertised its wares by flying a plane towing a banner over Eden Park packed with 40,053 enraptured fans during Saturday’s Black Caps vs Australia pool match.

The stunt broke the Major Events Management (Cricket World Cup 2015) Order put in place ahead of the tournament co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia.

Being declared a major event affords the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 certain protections, including the establishment of advertisement-free “clean zones” to protect against ambush marketing attempts.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) officials were made aware of the strip club’s gimmick and investigated.

A MBIE spokesman today confirmed that Calendar Girls was found in breach of the Major Events Management Act and that the firm had been issued with a formal warning letter.
Failure to comply with a formal warning can result in prosecution and a fine of up to $150,000.