More single women seeking IVF treatments

NZ Herald 10 May 2015
The number of single women seeking fertility treatment has almost doubled in two years as career-minded professionals without partners opt to parent alone.

Demand at New Zealand’s largest private fertility clinic is so high women are waiting 18 months for sperm donors. Fertility Associates’ Dr Simon Kelly said numbers of single women wanting fertility treatment had swelled from 80 in 2012 to 156 last year. It was expected to be higher this year.

That compared with 56 heterosexual and 88 same-sex couples receiving treatment last year, similar levels to in 2012 and 2013.

Donor treatment costs start at $2,235 and increase depending on the drug treatment required. A full round of IVF can cost more than $11,000.

Kelly said the growing use of fertility treatment reflected women putting careers ahead of having a family.