Kiwi kids want parents to put away mobiles – study

3News 25 June 2015
Kiwi children want their parents to put down mobile phones and pay them more attention, according to a new survey.

About a third of 8 to 13-year-olds surveyed said their parents spent equal or less time with them than on their mobile devices.

The global research, conducted by AVG Technologies, surveyed 340 Kiwi adults and 304 children and found what researchers considered to be a worrying trend.

More than 50 percent of Kiwi children questioned felt their parents checked their devices too often.

The children’s biggest grievance – when presented with a list of bad device habits – was their parents being distracted by their phone or tablet during a conversation.

About 40 percent said this habit made them feel unimportant.

Half of all Kiwi parents surveyed agreed their mobile device use was too frequent, and many worried about how it looked from their children’s viewpoint.–study-2015062516#axzz3e0TWPvch