Massive demand for church schools

Catholics eye north Hamilton for new school
Stuff 5 July 2015
Expectant parents are registering their unborn children with Waikato church-run schools in a bid to ensure a place for them when they turn five.

Hundreds of non-Catholic children are already registered on Catholic school waiting lists in Hamilton city alone and this has Hamilton Diocese planning a new primary school north of the city.

Catholic Hamilton Diocese schools manager Graeme Roil said the church had owned a 3 hectare block between Resolution Dv and Borman Rd for 15 years and was in negotiation with the Ministry of Education to build a school there.

Once the ministry grants permission the church needs consent.

“It’s for a primary school which will eventually be able to accommodate 400 children. That’s the long term view of it,” Roil said.

“If we get approval we could have a school up and running in two to three years.”