Is there a link between poverty and child homicide in New Zealand?

Stuff 21 November 2015
The most deprived parts of New Zealand are overwhelmingly represented in the country’s child homicide statistics.

A Stuff analysis of 187 victims* of child homicide since 1992 found that 42 were from suburbs that scored 10 (for most deprived) out of 10 on the 2013 Social Deprivation Index. A further 37 were from suburbs that scored 9, while only three were from suburbs that scored 1 (least deprived).

The majority of victims – 73.5 per cent – were from suburbs with a Social Deprivation Index score of 6 or greater.

The Social Deprivation Index calculates the level of deprivation in an area using census data on subjects such as income, employment, home ownership and living space.

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