Public Schools Force Kids Into Transgender Wars

The Federalist 2 December 2015
Recent high-profile demands that schools let boys shower and pee right next to girls are having ripple effects in schools across the country as the transgender wars more militantly encompass young children.

…. I was a child gender pretender who started cross-dressing at five years of age. By the time I was 17, my desire to change genders was powerful. But I never had any desire to expose myself to girls at school. That is just sick. The law should not protect boys exposing themselves to adolescent girls, even if the boy identifies as a girl. Is utter insanity to assist, encourage, or provide trans kids access to cross-gender facilities. Girls need privacy, protection, and freedom from the “gender pretenders” in U.S. public schools.

It is sexual madness and social terrorism to deem the practices of sexual predators as acceptable and foist them on innocent children and adolescents. Why are we elevating the preferences of gender pretenders above those of all others, going far beyond political correctness to sexual madness in schools?

… Every child’s rights to privacy and protection from exposure to inappropriate opposite-sex nudity are now in jeopardy. According to these new legal interpretations, if you like your gender and want to keep your gender that’s fine, but you cannot keep your freedom, rights, or protections in public-school dressing rooms or restrooms. The current conflict of interest playing out in school locker rooms between girls born as girls and the self-acknowledged gender pretender trans-kids is real and it is not funny. Non-trans students have lost their right to privacy and parents have lost the freedom to parent and protect their children. A young boy, by making the simple announcement “I was a boy, but now I’m a girl” can sashay his way into the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms in our schools. Keep in mind this boy still has his dangling boy parts. The accurate term for him is cross-dresser or transvestite. Supposedly the law protects his right to be in the girls’ locker room, to observe girls dressing and undressing, and to expose himself to the girls that are sharing the room.

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… I know from personal experience that changing genders is not harmless. I was told by the leading experts that a surgical change to female would bring relief from my intense psychological struggle. But I wasn’t told it can also tear a person’s life apart.

… If you want your kids to have a psychologically healthy life, do not assist, encourage, or guide them toward a gender change. If they struggle with gender identity issues, do not take them to a psychologist who will push hormones and gender reassignment. If you want your kids to have a psychologically healthy life, do not assist, encourage, or guide them toward a gender change.

In fact, the best thing you can do for your kid is to grab him or her by the hand and run as fast as you can the other way.

…  Gender pretenders—also known as trans-kids, crossdressers, or transvestites—should get counseling, not encouragement. Social terrorists who use child transvestites to advance an agenda of sexual perversion should be shut down, not be guiding public school policy.

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