‘A recipe for disaster’ – concern over unisex toilet for six-year-old

TVNZ One News 16 May 2016
Family First has taken aim at an Auckland primary school’s decision to cater for a six-year old with gender identity issues by installing a separate unisex toilet.

The short-term solution “fails to acknowledge the political ideology being pushed and the confusion it will cause to all children”, spokesman Bob McCoskrie says.

Family First says it is disturbing is that our state education system is pushing gender ideology and assuming that a six-year-old has the cognitive ability and maturity to know that their biological sex is separate to their gender identity.

“What children really need is affirmation of their unique personality and appropriate treatment for their unhappiness and other presenting emotional issues,” Mr McCoskrie says.

Family First says research shows most children who experience gender dysphoria grow out of it by the time they reach puberty.

The organisation says children are being misdiagnosed as transgender and parents are being encouraged to support rather than treat cross gender desires and behaviours.

“Such advice is ultimately harmful to the child.”
Family First director Bob McCoskrie

“When adults and the Education Ministry are encouraging children to turn up to school confused about their gender and unsure whether to use the boys or girls toilet, it’s a recipe for disaster.

“It is neither enlightened or loving to pretend we can just let children decide which gender they want to be.”

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