Family First NZ – The Family Watchdog


1. BUSY FAMILIES AREN’T ALWAYS AWARE – mums and dads are so busy doing school drop-offs, keeping the house in order, working and paying the bills etc  that they often can’t keep up with all the issues that may affect them or that they are passionate about. Family First will monitor those issues and keep you up to date in a timely and efficient way through email newsletters and alerts.

2. BUSY FAMILIES NEED A VOICE – you only need to think of the flawed anti-smacking law to see how the voice of NZ families can be completely ignored by politicians. But there’s plenty of other examples where lawmakers and political leaders need to hear the views of families.

3. SO MUCH INFO – SO LITTLE TIME – It seems like there is a constant avalanche of ‘new’ research on how to parent, what to feed kids, how to prevent child abuse, whether our kids should touch alcohol etc. We’ll check out the research and let you know what matters – and how you can respond.

4. COMMON SENSE DOES NOT ALWAYS PREVAIL – where do we start! When our politicians pass laws that allow brothels to open beside family homes, that criminalise good parents who are raising great kids, ignore the benefits of marriage, liberalise alcohol laws, and exclude parents from being informed when their daughter is pregnant, then it proves the need for families to be better heard.

5. OUR FAMILIES ARE SUFFERING – the statistics on family breakdown, suicide rates, family violence, child abuse, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, and many others are ample proof that some families in NZ are suffering – and need all the support they can get. Family First will look for some of the solutions through our research and advocacy