IT GETS WORSE! This is what Family Planning wants 5-year-olds to learn about!

classroom-year-1Family Planning wants to see their Sexuality Road programme in primary schools. But parents should be fully aware of the material being covered so they can choose to withdraw their children from the presentations if they wish to (which is their legal right!).

We’ve already covered some of the dodgy material in the 9-year-old programme

These are some of the resources for Year 1 lesson 7 “My Body”

That’s right – 5-year-olds talking about “vagina” “vulva” “penis” “scrotum” “testicles” (why did they miss out “anus”?) – but even learning all the Maori translations as well for when they visit the Marae. There’s even a Maori-body-parts-song in the course outline. Will it have a 2nd verse with the above words?


Note the very important instruction to the teacher on the guideline below

“It is important to use the term vulva, rather than vagina, when describing the female body parts that are on the outside of the body. If students…”

(remember – 5-year-olds)

“…use the term ‘vagina’, simply state girls do have vaginas but the vagina is inside the body we cannot see it. The area of the girl’s body, where the vagina goes in, is called the vulva.”

(Does little Johnny need to and want to even know this???)


“Talk about why we need to use the correct words for all the body parts…..”

Um, why?

“Ask students what other names they have for parts of the body… Let students (5-year-olds) know that it is fine to use these names with their family, but in class we are going to use the formal or correct names for all the body parts so we can all learn what they are.”

And parents can just get stuffed.

sexuality-road-year-1-look-up-skirtHere’s the weird bit

“Put cut out paper school uniforms to place over bodies on wall. This allows students to lift up uniforms to check body parts while ensuring no-one is offended or embarrassed by the presence of naked bodies on the walls.”

Ya think?