Women allowed to bar trans people from female-only toilets (UK)

Daily Mail 25 June 2018
Family First Comment: Finally some politicians with some common sense. 

Women will continue to have the right to exclude transgender people from female-only changing rooms, lavatories and swimming sessions, ministers have pledged.

In an apparent change of direction, they said the rights of those who ‘identify as women’ would not be put ahead of those who are biologically female.

The announcement comes in response to concerns over plans to allow transgender people to legally change their gender without having to undergo medical checks.

Feminists fear it could have unintended consequences such as allowing predatory men to masquerade as transgender to enter women-only spaces.

But a statement from the Government Equalities Office yesterday promised that ‘advancing the rights of trans people does not have to compromise women’s rights’.

It comes after a string of controversial incidents in which women have complained about transgender people being allowed into female-only spaces.
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