Home brothel where ‘up to eight prostitutes work’ upsets Northcote neighbours

NZ Herald 12 August 2018
Neighbours in a Northcote suburb are up in arms about a residential brothel operating at the top of their cul-de-sac, which they say is breaching council rules.

But a council investigator allegedly said it was impossible to identify how many prostitutes were working at the establishment because they were all Asian and “all looked the same”.

An anonymous letter delivered to homes on the street claimed up to eight sex workers were working in the house.

Auckland Council confirmed that it had received multiple complaints about the property being used as a brothel.

Current rules allowed for small owner-operated “home occupation” brothels – but no more than four people could work in the business, which could include two who didn’t live there.

“We are not happy at all about having a brothel in our street,” said one neighbour, who did not want to be named.

He claimed a council officer he spoke to told him it was “impossible to say” whether there were one or 10 people working there because “all the Asian sex workers looked the same”.
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