Parents tasked with finding alternative childcare options as strike day looms

NZ Herald 14 August 2018
Family First Comment: We would call on the teachers’ union and the government to go back to the negotiating table in good faith rather than resort to disruptive strikes which benefit no-one. 

With teachers taking strike action tomorrow, parents are having to find alternative childcare options.

Family First New Zealand said while they understand the concerns regarding teacher recruitment, retention and appropriate pay rates and workplace conditions, strikes like this can cause huge disruption for families, especially when parents are having to go to work.

“We’d also encourage families to work with each other to ensure that children are suitably supervised at their own or their friends’ houses during the day on Wednesday.”

A council spokesperson said that the Hastings Sports Centre would be running a one-day programme on Wednesday for primary school children who won’t be attending school because of the teachers’ strike.

The format would be the same as the regular programme run during the school holidays for 5 to 13-year-old children, for the usual fee, with the usual subsidies in place for eligible families.

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