Women Conceived With Donor Eggs, Sperm Speak Out

The Christian Post 4 August 2018
Family First Comment: Katy Faust, founder and president of the children’s rights organization Them Before Us, said in an interview with CP on Friday that the practice of donor conception is, “quite simply, the commodification of children … and every Christian needs to stand against it.” And the reason why is because it separates the child from both biological parents, she said. “Not because of a crisis or tragedy such as in adoption, but rather the willful violation of a child’s fundamental right to be known and loved by both their mother and father … simply because an adult wants something.”

Women who were conceived with donor eggs and sperm are speaking about their journey and shock of finding out their biological parents are not who they thought they were.

A video released last week on the YouTube channel of We Are Donor Conceived, an organization that began in 2016 “where donor conceived people can share their stories with each other and the general public in order to inspire greater understanding about the unique challenges we face.”

The video features several women sharing their experiences of discovering that they were deceived about their genes. The women do not identify themselves by name.

“When I found out the truth about my origins I was disgusted. I couldn’t look in the mirror. I didn’t want to see myself. I didn’t want to see my body. I didn’t want to hear my name. There was a huge question mark and I didn’t know where I had come from,” one of the women in the video explained.

Another said that when she found out she started screaming repeatedly: “What! What!” She was in disbelief that half of what she believed was her family tree was gone.

“To realize that I was only half-related to my sister was pretty painful,” she said, noting that at the same time it was validating to know the truth as she didn’t look like her family members and was sometimes asked growing up if she was adopted.
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