Decriminalization of Prostitution Policy: Amnesty International Punishes A Dissenting Member

Dignity 24 September 2018
Family First Comment:  An important book to read – and revealing about the real agenda of Amnesty International. Their views on abortion and marriage are no better.

In 2016, Marcia Lieberman, a local group coordinator for Amnesty International, USA, was expelled by the board of directors for speaking out publicly against the new Policy on the Decriminalization of Sex Work. Amnesty used a little-known rule that prohibits a member from publicly opposing a position that Amnesty has taken. Lieberman writes about her experience and her view that Amnesty violated its fundamental principle of protecting free speech to silence her dissent.

Marcia R. Lieberman, Ph.D., served as coordinator of Amnesty International USA’s Group 49 in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1983 until 2015. She has worked as a professor of English and composition at several universities and schools and has served as president of the Board of Hands in Outreach, a nonprofit organization that sends destitute children to school in Nepal.