Winston Peters reveals himself as a creationist

NewsTalk ZB 26 September 2018 
Family First Comment:  Well said, Winston. Facts matter. Biology matters. Truth matters.

The deputy Prime Minister’s revealed how much he trusts the Bible.

Yesterday, Winston Peters compared himself to former US president William Jennings Bryan when speaking to Mike Hosking.

Peters made the comments after being quizzed by The Country’s Jamie Mackay on some of the former President’s statements.

“Didn’t he say if had to pick between science and religion, you should always pick religion?” Mackay asked.

Peters answered: “Yes, and so do I.”

Asked if he meant that, Peters said “Yes, I do.”

“I was trying to make the point out to Hosking, in the Bible, the day is like a thousand years. If you’ve got that sort of look, you realise the creation of the world in six days and the rest on the seventh is not about that exact time.”

He says that many people around the countryside say grace before they eat and have respect for a higher being.

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