Drug-driving testing: ‘If it saves one life, it’s worth it’

Stuff co.nz 28 October 2018
Family First Comment: AA figures show last year drug-drivers were involved in 79 fatal crashes, topping the 70 drink-drivers. That number increased from 14 drugged drivers in fatal crashes in 2013, to 59 in 2016.
“The driver.. smoked meth and cannabis in the hour before the truck slid off the road.”

A woman whose son was killed by a driver on methamphetamine is disappointed a bill allowing roadside drug-driving tests has been thrown out.

The bill would introduce random roadside saliva drug tests, but was voted out after its first reading in Parliament last week, with 56 votes for and 63 against.

Christchurch woman Lee-ann Forster said random drug testing could prevent crashes like the one that killed her son.

“I’m all for drug testing, even if it saves one life it would be worth it,” Forster said.

Forster’s son Dylan Sutton, 24, was in the front passenger seat of a four-wheel-drive that flipped into a vineyard near Blenheim in March 2017.

The driver i, Blenheim man Stewart Holdem, smoked meth and cannabis in the hour before the truck slid off the road.

Holdem was found guilty of manslaughter and two counts of dangerous driving causing injury, and sentenced to five years and six months’ imprisonment in July.
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