Woman tells Auckland Council her dog identifies as a cat in bid to avoid registration fees

NewsHub 28 November 2018
Family First Comment:  Well – it’s only taking the (il)logic to the next level! 🐈 🐕 😂

An Auckland woman’s hilarious message to the Council has gone viral on Facebook.

Jade Schutte was fed up with high registration fees, and the possibility of a by-law being passed to ban dogs on beaches between10am and 7pm was the final straw.

So she took matters into her own hands. In a message to the Auckland Council she screen-shotted and posted to Facebook, Ms Schutte said her dog Lettie now identifies as a cat, so she won’t be paying the registration fees.

Although her message humoured many, Ms Schutte says she was approaching the Council from a place of frustration.

She says that the proposed new by-law “really annoyed me because dog access in Auckland is already so limited. What are we paying $135 a year to the council for dog registration if we have barely any rights? But cats can roam free and don’t have to be registered, doesn’t make sense to me”.

“I thought it would be funny to see the Council’s take on my message, considering the biggest point that cats do not have to be registered, yet have free roam. It’s all a bit of a joke at the end of the day, but still frustrating as a responsible dog owner.”
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