Schools use force 13 times a day as classroom ‘chaos’ escalates

NZ Herald 12 January 2019
Family First Comment:  The perfect storm from dumb policies and laws…. “Violence was increasing because of weaker parental control, poorly trained teachers, more students on the autistic spectrum and a push for large, noisy multi-teacher spaces.”

Schools are using force to control escalating student “chaos” on average 13 times a day – in some cases with children as young as 4.

New rules requiring schools to file reports every time they physically restrain a child show that children were restrained 3309 times in the first 15 months after the rules came into force, an average of 13 times on every school day.

Special Education Principals’ Association president Judith Nel said unruly students were a tiny minority of New Zealand’s school student population, but the level of violence was on the rise.

A total 1695 individual students have been restrained since the rules took effect – about 0.2 per cent, or one in 500, of the country’s 809,000 school students.

“We need to address that population because really it’s a small number of children across the schooling sector that is creating this chaos,” she said.
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