Early childhood centres like ‘kiddie prisons’, teachers say

Stuff co.nz 10 February 2019
Family First Comment:  Ouch! (but sadly the truth for many)… 
“I’m a qualified teacher and have left the sector due to bullying and an environment that does not foster best learning for children. I definitely would not put my children in a centre environment – or should I say ‘kiddie prison’. Children are cooped up for long periods of time, probably spending more time there than they do at home with their own family.”

More than 200,000 Kiwi kids are enrolled in early childhood education – but teachers say parents don’t know what happens behind centres’ closed doors.

“bums on seats” approach puts children’s safety and development at risk, teachers told Stuff.

The 300 services that had their licence downgraded in the past two years are the tip of the iceberg, they said, and problems could go undetected for years.

Stuff readers working in ECE joined the chorus of teachers voicing concerns about the sector. Here’s what they had to say.

“I have been an ECE teacher for nearly 25 years. I have three children and I never wanted to put them into daycare.

“My youngest child did attend but that was only once she was was able to talk so she could tell me everything that happened.
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