Parents claim UK schoolgirls skipping school to avoid gender-neutral bathrooms

NewsHub 7 October 2019
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“Other parents’ claim their girls are refusing to urinate all day, have stopped drinking to avoid needing to use the bathrooms, and are staying home from school if they are menstruating.”

A UK primary school is under fire after changing its bathrooms to be gender-neutral.

Students returned to Deanesfield Primary School in West London after their summer break in September to the new bathrooms, and parents are furious.

Teaching staff and parents told the Mail on Sunday female students are deeply uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with male pupils.

They claim female children are avoiding the bathrooms and even skipping school to do so, reports the Daily Mail.

Parents say they were not informed of the changes until their children had returned to school.

Angry parents launched a petition outside the school’s gate in September, reports news site National File.

One parent, who has two young girls at the school, said the bathrooms are not private enough.