Kate Hawkesby: Legislation will never stop a black market

NewsTalk ZB 28 February 2020
Family First Comment: Exactly. ‘Legalisation’ increases the demand and use, while ‘regulation’ simply empowers the black market because drug users don’t do ‘regulation’! Never have. Never will.

The very week the government looks to legislate on vaping, guess what happens?

To serve as a reminder I guess that you can do whatever you want around legislating stuff, you’ll never control the black market. Or squash it, 12 to 13 year old school children are being approached in a busy shopping precinct in Auckland and if it’s happening in Auckland it’ll be happening in other cities too no doubt and they’re being offered ‘cheap’ vapes for sale.

Out of a woman’s bag. An Asian woman sifting the back alleys of Auckland’s Newmarket, is approaching young kids in school uniforms, and selling them vapes. I’ve heard about this from both school kids who’ve been approached, and from parents.

It’s a cash deal of course, and the seller’s got the juices too.

Some of the juices are 6 mg’s nicotine. For a kid. Whose never smoked, but is being offered a cheap vape and a juice with 6 milligrams of nicotine in it.

God knows where the vape juice or the vapes themselves are from, but kids don’t ask those kinds of questions.
They think it’s cool, they’re in a group, they’re under pressure, someone’s offering to sell them one ‘for cheap’ with no restrictions or age requirements or any questions asked.

So school kids are being direct marketed to, and they’re buying them.
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