Expert urges Kiwis to have children

Expert urges Kiwis to have children before falling fertility rate leads to unbalanced population
NewsHub 9 August 2020
Family First Comment: Family First has already talked about and researched this, and raised the alarm. See the data….

“Please have children.”

That’s the plea from a New Zealand researcher as fertility rates drop throughout the western world, including in New Zealand.

The number of babies born in New Zealand has been steadily declining since the 1960s. And 2020 is no different with the average woman having fewer than two children – the number needed to ensure replacement of the population – in her lifetime.

As education and work opportunities for women increase and the cost of raising a child goes up, family sizes are shrinking.

But despite the economic challenges, a low birth rate has been hailed by climate change campaigners for years. The environmental impacts from overpopulation are huge and, as a result, there is a growing childfree movement.

But Dr Pushpa Wood, who is the director of Massey University’s financial education and research centre, says the falling birth rate will cause real issues in the next 30 years.

Wood says if the downwards trend continues New Zealand will be left with an ageing population, more retired people needing care, and fewer people to care for them.

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