Here’s what’s next II – Criminalising parents and faith-based counselling and care

Family First Commentary 9 Oct 2020
Both Labour and the Greens want to criminalise parents who affirm sons as boys & daughters as girls. 

They call it “conversion therapy” but “banning conversion therapy” is Orwellian double-speak for any attempt by parents or counsellors to reduce gender dysphoria by helping the child become comfortable with its natal identity, and not ushering the child onto the pathway of affirmation. A ban would criminalise parents who wish to protect their child from the physical, emotional, and psychological harm caused by gender dysphoria.

The term “conversion therapy” has been coined by activists without a clear definition to go along with it, so the rest of us are now left trying to discover what it means. IF the definition of ‘conversion therapy’ means practices that are coercive, abusive or involuntary, or includes things like electric shock therapy then we can all agree that such things must be condemned. However, if their understanding of conversion therapy impacts on Christian or Muslim teaching, the ability for parents to model biblical or faith-based values in the home, or individuals who voluntarily seek guidance regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity, then the law will have gone too far.

Labour already has a private members bill in the mix which is fundamentally flawed and dangerous. Parents would be criminalised and liable to six months imprisonment simply for affirming that their sons are boys and their daughters are girls.


If a child comes home from a presentation at school and says that they want to change their gender, a parent who lovingly encourages helping them embrace their natal sex will be guilty of a criminal offence. That’s how dangerous this bill is. Numerous reviews reveal the majority of children confused about their gender also suffer from diagnosed mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety – but this Labour and Greens policy will criminalise anyone who seeks or offers help for that aspect, including counsellors, spiritual leaders, pastors, youthworkers and teachers.

This ‘ban’ would turn parents into criminals, make counselling and faith-based support an illegal activity, and make it impossible for faith-based schools to teach that there are two genders.

A parent who promotes biological sex will be criminalised, but an activist who indoctrinates young children with the concept of ‘gender fluidity’ and ‘third gender’ will be celebrated. Gender conversion done by activists are fine if done by activists, but a crime when done by parents. This is not loving or compassionate towards children.

It will also be illegal for a therapist or other professional to counsel a child with gender dysphoria in a way that affirms their biology. They would be criminalised and liable to 12 months imprisonment!

To be absolutely clear, Family First would not support any therapy or counselling that is ‘forced’ on any individual BUT is not aware of any that is taking place. Even the politicians who have supported the law change have admitted that they’re not aware of any cases.

But more importantly, the right of self-determination is a founding principle of the mental health profession – and for children, the wider whanau / family are part of this important values and support base.

In the future, it may become very dangerous for a child to express confusion of gender: no-one will be able legally to protect it from gender transitioning protocols that are backed by the state.

Labour and Greens want to legislate against the discussion and practice of alternatives to hormones, surgery and confusion.

Australian paediatrician Dr John Whitehall rightly asks:

“Isn’t the current ‘transitioning’ of a child to an alternate gender just another form of ‘conversion therapy’, using the old and abhorrent means of psychological pressure, hormones and surgery?”

What is most concerning is that while gender is supposedly ‘fluid’, it can only go in the direction that the activists approve of. The state will sanction any transition to any gender, as frequently and momentously as the client wishes, as long as the direction is away from that decreed by chromosomes.

Those who dare to seek inner freedom and healing will have nowhere to turn as a result of this proposed law by Labour & Greens.