Here’s what’s next III – Sexuality & Gender Indoctrination In Schools

Family First Commentary 9 Oct 2020
Schools have been told to let students choose their own gender identities and names.

The Ministry of Education recently released new relationships and sexuality education guidelines.

They continue to become more radical by the day.

After the election when you have time to think and breathe again (!) we will send through a full analysis of the Guidelines.

But in the new curriculum for primary age children, there are requirements such as:

* “challenge homophobia, transphobia, sexism, gender binaries… interrogate the ongoing effects of colonisation” (!)
* “challenge sex norms – for example, the assumption (!) that sex characteristics at birth are always male or female”
* “schools need to ensure that students can access toilets and changing rooms that align with their gender identification
* “trans students should not be required to use the gender-neutral toilet rather than male or female toilets of their choice
* “labelling uniform items by gender is an exclusionary practice
* “In Science, consider how biological sex has been constructed
* “in Technology, explore symbols linked to the gay and transgender rights movements”
* “In Social Science, research the #MeToo movement” (!)
* “students should be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns”

Remember that this is for primary age students!

We have written a Guide for Parents which we released at the beginning of this year. It is worth reading again. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT

We will also send through an analysis of the new ‘Sexuality’ guidelines in the next month or so.