Man accused of hiding evidence when woman died at Christchurch party after taking MDMA

TVNZ One News 16 November 2020
Family First Comment: Another sad example of why pill testing is flawed. Pill testing does not – and cannot – guarantee that the drug being taken will not cause any physical or mental harm or death to the individual consumer. It also cannot account for the individual’s physiological response to each drug.

A man accused of supplying MDMA to a woman who later died from taking the drug didn’t want to call for help and took steps to hide evidence, the crown alleges.

Joseph Douglas McGirr pleaded not guilty to two charges of supplying a class-B controlled drug and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

His trial began in the Christchurch District Court this morning, where a large group of his family are in attendance.

The Crown alleges he supplied MDMA to Lauren Mikaila Biddle, 22, at a party at his home on 21 October 2018.

“Later that night one person left leaving Mr McGirr, Ms Biddle and another man there when Mr McGirr prepared three lines of the drug MDMA on a breadboard.

“They all sniffed a line of the crushed drug,” the Crown prosecutor said.