Vaccines and the Christian Worldview: Principles for Christian Thinking in the Context of COVID

Albert Mohler 14 December 2020
An important – and balanced – article on this important issue. Makes 7 key points:

  1. Christians do not believe in medical non-interventionism.
  2. We must consider the derivation of the vaccine itself—what kind of technology was involved in the development of a vaccine?
  3. Need to consider efficacy and safety of the vaccine.
  4. Need to consider whether or not a medical treatment is made mandatory by governing authority.
  5. Need to consider the common good—the issue of love of neighbour.
  6. Need to consider the integrity of the family and the authority of parents.
  7. Access and priority – who should receive it first.

Importantly, Mohler makes this key point
“I will take this vaccine as soon as it is available to me. I will take it not only for what I hope will be the good of my own health, but for others as well. I will seek to encourage others to take the vaccine. Encouragement, however, is very different from coercion.”

Well worth a read.