Amazon joins the ‘cancel culture’ by banning a superb book

Bob McCoskrie
So the ‘cancel culture’ of the left rages on.

This time it’s the superb book by Ryan T. Anderson on the transgender movement – “When Harry Became Sally – Responding to the Transgender Moment.”

The left cannot stand any challenge to their ideology because it’s so weak and cannot withstand critical analysis. (That’s why Labour are trying to ‘cancel’ Peter Williams on MagicTalk when he asks Grant Robertson tricky questions.)

3 things you should do to push back:

  1. BOYCOTT AMAZON. Buy from other options
  2. BUY THE BOOK – the fact that Amazon cancelled it shows that it must be a threat to bad ideology. And you can purchase it while supporting a great ministry in New Zealand “Thinking Matters”
    WATCH an interview I did a few years back with Ryan in Washington DC on this exact book 😀

    For evil to succeed, it just takes good people to do nothing!