FAMILY MATTERS: Birth Certificates – Biology Or Ideology?

The Labour Government has confirmed that it is going to prioritise a law change which will deem birth certificates meaningless and which will continue its pushing of confusing gender ideology.

The bill provides for each parent who is notifying the birth of a child to specify whether they wish to appear on the child’s birth certificate as the child’s “mother”, “father”, or “parent”.

Birth certificates will also be based on the ‘self-identification’ of the person (or ‘nomination’). The bill provides for an adult and a teenager / child (with parental consent) to apply to register their ‘nominated’ sex, which may be “female”, “male”, or “X (unspecified)”.

But what is a birth certificate, and what is its purpose?

These issues matter because they concern our understanding of fundamental human nature, who each of us are as male and female, and the kind of adult direction and support our children require, deserve and receive from us. It has significant flow-on effects in how we deal with issues relating specifically to women or specifically to men.

For politicians and the state to be manipulating birth certificates and therefore our understanding of biology in these ways is deeply concerning.

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