The Government will roll out changes to make birth-certificate sex changes easier

NZ Herald 29 April 2021
Family First Comment: The Labour Government has confirmed that it wants to live in la-la land, play identity politics, and deem birth certificates meaningless as it continue its agenda of ignoring biology.

The Government is rolling out a number of changes to make it easier for transgender people to legally change their sex on their birth certificate.

The new measures will be in place until the Government passes a law that will enable anyone to self-identify their sex on their birth certificate with a statutory declaration – an official written statement.

That bill is expected to go before the House later this year after Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti said she was “urgently” progressing work to give the legislation Cabinet’s tick of approval.

Until then, however, those who want to legally change their sex still need to go to the Family Court and provide medical evidence before a change is made.

This process can be arduous and complex, meaning those who want to change their sex have opted against embarking on the process.