Schools giving girls boys’ names without telling their parents (UK)

Daily Mail 16 May 2021
Family First Comment: Already happening in New Zealand – WITH the blessing of the Ministry of Education! 🙁
Check page 20 of our report – a must read for all parents with children at state schools

Schools are increasingly sanctioning the use of male names for girls as young as 13 without the consent of their parents.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has found three mothers discovered schools had allowed their daughters to be called by boys’ names without first being consulted.

Campaigners say some in the education sector are misinterpreting – or even misusing – equality regulations.

The mothers, who each spoke on condition of anonymity to protect their children, say that their daughters, who are all under the age of 16, were given boys’ names by teachers after saying that they identified as male.

The ‘new’ names were used in the classroom, and on pupil registers and official communications from school authorities.

One claims to have been told by her daughter’s secondary school when she objected that she had ‘no say’ in the 13-year-old’s decision because it was the ‘child’s right’ to decide their gender.