Defying Human Nature:
An Analysis of NZ’s 2007 Anti-Smacking Law
Feb 2016

A report analysing the 2007 anti-smacking law has concluded that there is not a single social indicator relating to the abuse of children that has shown significant or sustained improvement since the passing of the law and that they’ve continued to get worse – in some cases a lot worse, that CYF has reached the point of ‘saturation’ and can no longer handle the level of notifications it is receiving, and that the law has negatively impacted law-abiding parents.

The Harms of Pornography:
Bob McCoskrie v Steve Crow (2013)
Oct 2015

At the end of 2013, Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie interviewed Porn Promoter Steve Crow. It’s a fascinating watch as two people from completely opposite sides debate the issue of the harms of pornography.
Please note: Viewer discretion advised due to subject matter. Not suitable for young people.

Boys Girls Other:
Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity
July 2015

A new ground-breaking report on gender identity is warning parents and school leaders to be wary of the guidelines and policies being pushed in schools and communities, and that gender identity ideology is founded more on political ideology than it is in careful science and experience. This report explains how the issue is not as simple as many are making it out to be, and that there are many facts parents and community leaders must know about. The report “BOYS GIRLS OTHER – Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity” draws from decades of mainstream academic and international research, and seeks to bring clarity to this topic and practical advice for schools, parents and community leaders, for the wellbeing of children.

Marriage ‘Equality’ Is Growing
Step 1: Gender-free Step 2: Number-free
May 2015

The debate about whether the definition of marriage should be further redefined to allow polygamy and group marriage has surfaced in the UK, with the Green Party leader declaring that they are open to consultation on legalising ‘marriages’ involving three or more people. The politicians in NZ worked hard to silence the debate here around opening up ‘marriage’ to any number of ‘loving adults’ so that NZ’ers would not see the true consequences of weakening the definition of marriage from being one man and one woman. At the time, we were accused of misleading, scaremongering and being dishonest. However, our prediction is unfortunately fast becoming a reality.

Sex Education in Schools
Sexual Health or Sexual Licence?
May 2015

Do you know what your children are being taught when it comes to sex education. Who teaches it? And what values are they pushing on your child? We believe you need to find out – because a recent review of sex education resources in NZ found that they are seriously flawed, and that critical life and death information is distorted or ignored.
WARNING: Content may offend. Viewer discretion is advised (which is rather ironic as this is the type of material targeted at your children!)

Are you ready and prepared for the debate?
April 2015

Euthanasia (or assisted suicide) has certainly been in the media a lot lately. There is a strong push for it to be decriminalised in NZ as has happened in a few overseas countries.
Are you ready for this debate? Do you know the key arguments for euthanasia and how to counter them? Can you define ‘euthanasia’? (There is a lot of misunderstanding over the definition, which is further confusing the debate.) Why should we oppose euthanasia? What does the overseas experience show?

“We Need To Talk”
Is ScreenTime Robbing Your FamilyTime?
March 2015

Family First recently released a report on the increasing use of screen time for children. It’s entitled “WE NEED TO TALK” and is written by UK biologist / psychologist Dr Aric Sigman. He argues that although screen technology may be a great aspect of modern life, there is growing concern from health and development experts about the excessive use in many families’ lives, particularly with children, and that many parents and teachers remain unaware of the medical and developmental risks. So are our kids spending too much time looking at screens? And if so, what should we do about it?

Gardasil – It’s Vital Parents Make An Informed Decision.
March 2015

The Herald on Sunday screamed with the headline: “White girls don’t have sex” and highlighted the comments of a Massey University researcher who believes that well-off parents – and especially Pakeha parents – are in denial over the need for their teens to have the HPV Vaccinations otherwise known as Gardasil at the age of 12. But perhaps the ‘parents in denial’ that this media report disparagingly refers to are actually making an informed considered decision.