Ban on Street Prostitution

A Bill allowing Manukau City Council to ban street prostitution passed its first reading and has been sent to a select committee for public submissions. It has now been expanded to cover the whole of the Auckland Super City.

The purpose of this bill is to authorise the Auckland Council to make bylaws prohibiting the business of prostitution or commercial sexual services in specified public places in Auckland City. It is hoped that the legislation will then be extended to cover the whole of the country. e.g. Christchurch is also experiencing huge problems with this issue.

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It’s a good law for families, should be extended to cover the whole of NZ, and the politicians should support the wishes of the local communities

READ Family First’s Submission
(made on the original bill)
CLICK HERE to download a Word document which gives you the basic outline of what you need to send – Easy! (only takes a few minutes to make a submission)
street prostituteKey points
* families should be protected from the sex industry and families should have the ability to avoid ‘red light’ districts
* local communities do not want prostitution and the sex industry in public shopping areas and areas frequented by families
* huge concerns about the presence of street-based prostitution, including ‘noise, antisocial behaviour (including sexual acts occurring in public places) and litter (including used condoms, syringes, bottles and food wrappers and human waste)’.
* there is a strong association between prostitution and gang involvement, drug and alcohol abuse, and general nuisance.
* prostitution is harmful to workers and communities and the association of prostitution with gang and criminal behaviour, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual abuse and violence means that we are sentencing more and more vulnerable people to an unacceptable situation.
* the Bill should be adopted, and extended to cover not only the Auckland Super City, but the whole of the country.

Please make a Submission – due by 28 February 2012

Send two copies to
Committee Secretariat
Local Government and Environment
Parliament Buildings
Phone: +64 4 817 9485
Fax: +64 4 499 0486
or make an online submission here (go to bottom of page)